ABS SafeCom’s Defensive Driving Course-DDC


Course Description: This course is based on the role of the driver’s attitude in determining and affecting driving behavior. The focus is to allow participants to discover their driving attitude and the effect it has on the way they handle themselves while driving; thereby, allowing them to make the necessary positive changes to their driving habits.
Topics included:
  • Driver Responsibility
  • Carrier/Operator Responsibility
  • The Drivers Physical/Emotional state
  • The Vehicle
  • Laws of Nature
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Environment
Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how their attitude affects their driving
  • Identity and evaluate their current driving patterns and where needed, learn ways to change them
  • Understand Provincial traffic laws, by-laws & local traffic disuses problems
  • Understand the magnitude of traffic collision problems
  • Understand the concept of preventability of a crash and defensive driving techniques
  • Understand the role alcohol and drugs play in traffic collisions
  • Understand the risks involved in irresponsible driver behaviors
  • Understand the importance of the proper use of seat belts
  • Understand the effects of driving when drowsy
  • Understand the personnel liability and professional risks associated with driving
Format Classroom: Interactive workshop with formal and informal instruction, discussion and workgroup exercises.
Resources: Student Handbook.
Evaluation: Full attendance, class participation, assignments, written test for successful completion.
Duration: 6 Hours
Certification: Certificate of Completion.


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