About Consulting

ABS SafeCom’s Consulting Services are recommended for companies that:

  • Do not have the regulatory experience to manage day-to-day compliance requirements, brought on by ever-evolving regulations.
  • Want to protect their company and their brand from fines and liability exposure.
  • Want an objective perspective on company policies and operations.
  • Need guidance and solutions specifically tailored to their operations.
  • May be at risk for federal or provincial intervention for any number of reasons.

We partner with you by:

Getting to Know You and Defining the Outcome

Our Account Executive meets with your key stakeholders to understand your needs and desired outcomes. The purpose of this discussion is to set a course of action that, from the perspective of your unique organization, will provide successful results.

Meeting Your Goals

We assign an Engagement Leader to your company, who works with you and your Account Executive to ensure your goals are met. Our Engagement Leader works closely with you throughout our relationship, from outlining the initial project scope, to development of the proposal, straight through to the alignment of resources, implementation and follow-up.

Delivery and Sustainability

Our Consultants design programs with your long-term goals in mind. They provide details on how to implement change, measure progress, and ensure your efforts have lasting positive effects.